Monday, January 1, 2007


Hello Everyone,
The ineffectiveness of the bilateral negotiations between Nepal & Bhutan, the verification results and the conditions set by Bhutan for repatriation have indicated clearly that repatriation is NOT only the feasible option for every refugees to keep waiting for another decade for solution.

Although repatriation would be the primary solution for all Bhutanese, there are now fewer prospects left for ALL refugees to return home in the immediate future and the situation demands exploring all options. The UNHCR proposal of third country resettlement would be ideal package for those who feel/see no prospect of repatriation and feasibility of integration in Nepal. We know the repatriation process got stuck and there is no choice left than to look for other alternatives. The non-action from our side to accept and work for the solution at this time would lead to chaos in the refugee community due to the escalation of frustration among the people.

We all know that Repatriation, Third-Country Resettlement and Local Assimilation are only options for durable solution to Bhutanese Refugee problem.
Lets work for it.
Lets not make these problem linger any more in the face of time. Or else our new generations will blame us that we did not do any thing to resolve this crisis like we do now.

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