Friday, October 19, 2007



Tek Nath Rijal, the first lone crusader of the Bhutan refugee movement talking to this website today said that his movement has been the victim of poverty and there has been a trend which leads us to conclude that the country which itself sponsors state terrorism-read Bhutan-is being applauded by some countries who claim themselves as “democracies”.

The current act of resettling some of the Bhutanese refugee by certain countries has even more encouraged the Druk regime to pounce upon the refugees languishing in Nepal under one pretext or the other.

Though the Bhutanese regime which has been defeated morally has got a fresh encouragement to further enhance its atrocities against the remaining Bhutanese of Nepali origin.

In the recent days the regime there has been telling the remaining Nepalese in Bhutan to go to Nepal and manage third country settlement easily, says Rijal.

Talking on the present role of Nepal as regards the Bhutanese issue, Rijal says that the government here must have been in favor of the Bhutanese not settling for third country.

“Nepal must take this issue as a political one and thus what is expected of Nepal is to take up the refugee issue in purely a political manner and talk to India for its settlement”, added Rijal. To recall, the Bhutanese refugees entered into Nepal via Indian Territory in 1990.

“Nepal must talk to India”, adds Rijal.

Rijal claims that there had been a tacit treaty in between the Indian and the Bhutanese government prior to the evacuation of the Bhutanese of Nepalese origin.

According to him, Nepal must take into confidence some powerful countries in the globe who could impress upon India which in essence is the country which regulates Bhutan’s foreign policy”, continued Rijal.

India must tell the entire world as to whether India has relations with the people of Bhutan or only with the Druk regime?, adds Rijal.

“It’s is all a calculated ploy of the Indian government which has so far not allowed this refugee issue to get settled”, explain Rijal.

Talking about the Bhutan King, Mr. Rijal says that the King which aided and supported the BODO and the ULFA outfits in order to chase the Southern Bhutanese of Nepali origin can in no way be considered to be a benevolent King”.

The King even encouraged the anti-social elements and the prisoners in chasing the Bhutanese of Nepali origin, he recalls.

A word of caution to the world leaders: Rijal says that the developed West must not encourage Bhutan which is in effect is sponsoring terrorism.

If the world is to be freed from the escalation of terrorism from the globe, the leaders in the developed west must peep inside the politics that is going inside Bhutan at the moment.

“How terrorism is growing inside Bhutan, who is creating terrorists” must be taken into account.

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