Sunday, November 25, 2007

Leaders demand to stop 'campaign' for resettlement


Exiled Bhutanese leaders have accused that the US offer for third country resettlement has divided people in camps.

At an interaction program organized in Birtamode on Saturday, leaders also claimed that conspiracies were underway to make exiled Bhutanese homeless for ever.

Leaders also demanded to halt 'campaign' that has been going on inside camps to apply for third country resettlement. They also stated that there was Nepal's diplomatic failure in resolving the stalemate. They also accused that people in camps were trying to become slaves by opting for the option of third country resettlement.

President of Bhutan People's Party Balaram Poudel, General Secretary of People's Forum for Human Rights in Bhutan D.P. Kafle including Dr. Bhampa Rai and Jagirman lama were present on the occasion.


Rajendra Sapkota (Khudunabari) said...

I absolute agree. This should be stoped immediately. No more betrayal to refugees.
Instead why agencies are not concentrating on the Verified Bhutanese from Khudunabari camp to be repartiated with dignity.
Resettlement is not a solution, it just divides people.

Anonymous said...

I want to draw the attention of our so called leaders to think regarding this matter. we further no more are intent to be in this pathetic state of hostility. Our leaders are really worrying if they will not be flown to US by UNHCR. They are worrying they are going to lose their prestige that they were having here. They are worrying that further more they will not be able to bribe and betray the refugees and the agencies involved in serving us.
Further we don't want to believe in them as they are the really tyranical more than druk regime.

Anonymous said...

So, Mr. Rajendra Sapkota:

If this should be stopped immediately, what else should be done? Know this: artisans make art, teachers teach, taliors make clothes, farmers farm. An engineers builds. It is not the responsibility of the UNHCR to take us back. It is not the responsibility of Nepal govt, nor of any other power except Bhutan. Do you have any ways to make Bhutan take us back?
These so-called leaders got more than 15 yrs to work on it. WHat improvements have you seen? They have NOT learnt to do one thing better. Sala haru ko maagi haney bhaada khuskinu atyo bhanera murmurauchha!

Refugees in the camps should wake up!

And how do you say that resettlement divides peopel? When did you see people united anyway? Why the hell do we have so many political groups and organizations for such a small number of people? Isnt that division? We are already divided. We will remain divided, thanks to the leaders you seem to look up to! There is nothing else to do than politicking in the camps. Make the refugees work and earn their own living and they will not even have time to be divided! When a chance at the best country in the whole world is right in front of them, let them have it.
Isn't it stupid that there will be such a nice peace and united community if all the refugees are taken back to Bhutan? Those leaders you have, will start dismantling the country tomorrow! Many of us who tend to think of practical solutions to a problem are tired of stupid ideologies and passions!Our life is gone one way or the other. We want our chidlren to grow up in the most advanced and most powerful country in the world. If the refugees resettle in the United States, their children can buy off what property their parents had left in Bhutan with a single month's salary.

Yeah, I now you will start whining about patriotism, janmeko thaau etc. Those are luxuries. We are trying to survive, in case you forgot!