Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Resettlement a positive step to solution


Exiled Bhutanese living in Germany, who are members of the Bhutan People’s Party, said resettlement process is one of the positive steps towards finding resolution of the protracted crisis.

In a statement, they said, other options of repatriation should also be given priority by all the authorities involved in the resettlement process.

“Repatriation is the only lasting solution, but given the ground reality we cannot rule-out the option of third country resettlement as well. Thus the politically conscious exiled Bhutanese should not stop the individuals who opt for third country resettlement,” the statement reads.

Critising the attack on Arjun Subba, they asked all exiled Bhutanese to refrain from inter rivalry amongst ourselves. “If our minds are together, geographical distance will not stop us from working towards our honorable return to homeland,” it further said.

Stressing on the need to expand the network regardless of where individual lives, the exiled Bhutanese said some interest groups or individuals raised voices against third country resettlement.

“Exiled Bhutanese should be allowed to make free choice of their future. The involvement of few of them doing advocacy for resettlement has brought irritation to those who are committed for repatriation. In view of the prevailing situation we call upon the fellow Bhutanese citizens to work with wisdom and maintain peace and normalcy in society.”

They further added, “The royal government of Bhutan need not be happy with the news of resettlement. This is not going to end the problem. Exiled Bhutanese are clear in their thoughts that they are not given justice and shall carry on their struggle for rights and justice till they establish a true democracy in the country. Bhutanese movement for democracy can be more consolidated if a portion of Bhutanese in exile are resettled in the west.”

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Anonymous said...

Finally BPP cadres has something good to say. It was BPP that participated actively in past days to send its near and dear ones abroad.
But these days the leader seems to be interested in repatriation. What a joke ?
It was the BPP that ruined the movement by its wrong perceptions and judgment. Again it had tried to do many harms for third country resettlement program. Whether it is Balaram Poudel visiting PM's and Home Ministry's office or Jagirman Bro terrorizing the camps. Infact most of assistance these guys gets is from their caders who are aboard.
Now when their abroad caders are supporting the third country resettlement it is now the time to realize that if they donot support now their assistance will be over and have to die in hunger.
I think we can see their reactions soon.
Better think BPP leaders.