Friday, June 13, 2008

New life begins in Australia, no Nepali speaking people in locality


The first planeload of exiled Bhutanese who were flown to Australia under third country resettlement program stated they had started with new lives.

At least five families-- two from Beldangi, one from Khudunabari,, one from Sanishere and one from Goldhap reached Australia on May 13.

Bikram Adhikari, one amongst the resettled exiled Bhutanese, over telephone conversation with the BNS said that most of them were busy learning English-language classes. Bikram, a temporary resident of Beldangi-II extension, along with parents and two sisters had reached Australia under third country resettlement program.

Adult Migrant Education Program under Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia has been providing the 510-hour English-language classes free of any costs.

“This classes are mainly helpful for getting a better job here in Australia”, said Adhikari, adding that the exiled Bhutanese themselves have to bear the expenses if they wish to continue with the classes even after 510 hours.

Adhikari further informed the BNS that the resettled families are provided with one house each. He added that the government would pay rental charge of the house until one becomes able to stand on his/her own feet.

According to Adhikari, the government also provides them with the amount in cash to mange basic expenses for food stuffs among other necessities. “The amount we get from the government is enough for basic expenses”, added Adhikari.

Adhikari informed that he along with two younger sisters would join the University within a couple of months to pursue higher education.

“It is not sure when we would exactly begin a job but Job Network, an organization under the Australian government, will assist us to find suitable job after the completion of the language classes”, said Adhikari.

Adhikari also informed that most of the resettled Bhutanese were finding tough to pass the time due to absence of Nepali-ethnic people dwelling near the areas where they are resettled.

“At least we are hopeful that soon our relatives from the camps would be resettled near the place we reside”, said Adhikari, adding that the government has assured them of speeding-up the process for re-unions.

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