Sunday, July 6, 2008

Husband turns 'bachelor' for resettlement


For Raju Dahal, year 2000 was enduring. On January 27, Raju from Goldhap camp had a typical marriage ceremony with Krishna Maya Adhikari from Beldangi-I. A great Hindu culture to join two hearts of opposite sex, the event was performed in an extra-ordinary way with all processing during and after marriage.

Raju, 30, of sector C-4/ 37 had decided to knot an eternal tie with Krishna, 30, of Beldangi-I sector C-1/52 and the event remains spanking new to the society, friends and relatives who joined the function.

“When he never returned to take me to my new home, I had to wait till day”, lamented Adhikari with tears trickling down her checks. She said her husband, who promised to visit her family a week after their marriage, went missing without his whereabouts.

“Difficult to narrate the despair, I don’t have enough memory how I spent 8 years without my husband” ,cried Krishna Maya who just dragged her husband to camp management committee of Beldangi-I when she found that Raju was waiting to get Exit Permit (EP) from government of Nepal for his relocation in the United States of America.

Raju right after his marriage went to Sikkim, India and started working as an assistant teacher in a private school. Raju, who presented himself to be too innocent, slowly started neglecting the relationship with Krishna Maya.

The initial days were little odd. But, he changed his mind and developed boldness to avoid Krishna Maya and tried to remain away from his another half, who has been eagerly waiting for the reunion.

When Nepal formally announced exiled Bhutanese to declare interest for third country resettlement, he came to Nepal and applied for it. With several screenings and interviews, he was in the process to obtain EP as ‘bachelor’. He was extremely nervous when Krishna Maya found that he cheated her badly.

Reunion by IOM and UNHCR
On June 28, camp management committee and family of Krishna Maya pulled Raju for investigation. In presence of several Bhutanese who attended his marriage function, he admitted that has been processing as ‘bachelor’.

“I’ll take my wife with me”, told Raju who acted sternly to leave his wife unaccompanied in her ramshackle hut.

The camp administration decided to file a complaint against Raju to International Organization for Migration and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees urging them to halt the process.

“Since Krishna Maya has a dream to be relocated with Raju, she must not be denied the justice”, said a camp representative. “It is a serious case and major precautions should be taken in future”, he added.

Raju promised the gathering that he would come after 15 days to take Krishna Maya to his hut in Goldhap before they relocate to the States.

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