Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Second group arrives Australia under resettlement

Source: Apfanews.com

Some 38 exiled Bhutanese from eight families landed Australia on Friday as part of the resettlement program in which this country is also associated.

Of them three families landed in Lancheston, Tasmania and five families in Adelaide, South Australia. They were received at the airport by Immigration Officers, MRC Officers and Volunteers.

One of those, Purna Chhetr, on arrval at Lancheston told Bhutan News Service that he was very happy and set to being his new life in a new country.

"I even had not imagined in wild dream to arrive in such beautiful place," he exclaimed.

It was little cold outside as it is winter here but the houses are well insulated and warm inside home, that are prepared for the exiled Bhutanese who arrive here for resettlement.

"People here are good and we were welcomed with big heart," they said.

Birkha Samal, who landed at the Adelaide in South Australia, termed his new home to be a excellent place. Apartment allocated for his family is near the road and a shopping arcade, fully furnished with TV and all food stuff in refrigerator are ready.

Samal said journey was little stressed due to separation from the society in which he grew up but also said it was a good experience as he travelled in air this long distance for the first time.

The exiled Bhutanese expressed that their first priority in this new land would be the education for children. They hoped to being working shortly, after getting acquainted with the society.

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Kamal said...

Any way it sounds good that Bhutanese in Adelaide are breathing free and fresh atmosphere. They are happy to settle down in Australia and had not assumed that they will have such a wonderful life in Australia. Mr. Kesar Rai said that 17 years life in the refugee camp was panic. We have really removed our Tag (Refugee) which was leveled on us. We are being resettled in third countries because this has become only the alternative for us.