Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Demand for repatriation

Source: Apfanews.com

Kathmandu, October 21: A group of exiled Bhutanese led by chairman of Human Rights Organization of Bhutan S. B. Subba submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister of Nepal Pushpa Kamal Dahal Monday urging the Nepalese government to take up efforts for repatriation.

In a memorandum submitted to PM Dahal, the group claimed resettlement to third countries was against the international standards which caused confusion on some exile Bhutanese who are ‘not farsighted’ and Nepalese diplomats.

The memorandum stated that resettlement has brought negative impact in camp life such as weakening security situation, family split, suicide, decreasing interests on student towards education among others.

However, there have not been any reports of suicidal cases in the camps since the resettlement process began.

The group demanded suspension of resettlement process unless Bhutan clearly states it position, organize a round table meeting among Nepal, Bhutan, India and representatives of the exiled Bhutanese and formation of a special committee to look after the issue among many. Bhutan News Service

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