Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Resettlement to be halted

Source: Apfanews.com

Damak, December 09: International Organization of Migration (IOM) said the resettlement process would be halted for nearly about two weeks during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

According to the information given by David Derthick, chief of IOM in Damak, the works for resettlement will be halted from December 19. However, he did not mention when the work will resume.

He informed a total of 7,297 exiled Bhutanese have been resettled so far –6,813 in the US, 30 in Australia, 149 in New Zealand, 19 in Norway, 17 in the Netherlands and 13 in Denmark.

Those expressing interest for resettlement has reached 62,000, he said. Bhutan News Service

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