Friday, February 20, 2009

Fresh lot reached Nederland for resettlement


Netherlands: When the International Organization for Migration in Nepal is claiming that it has so far resettled around 10,000 exiled Bhutanese under third country resettlement program, a fresh lot of 30 individuals reached Amsterdam Schipol on February 16 for resettlement.
The Dutch Ministry for Immigration and Neutralization confirmed of permitting the fourth group of the exiled Bhutanese for resettlement.
Previously, three families were resettled with their own homes in The Netherlands.
The country is comparatively one of the best in Europe to live in, says Nanda Gautam, the first Bhutanese settled with a political asylum in 1998.
“Refugees enjoy better facilities than the immigrants because they are given social and financial support until they develop the capacity to sustain with self sufficiency,” Gautam added.
The new arrivals are placed in a transit house where they learn the Dutch language and culture.
Gautam wrote Bhutan News Service that education is compulsory and free for children below 18 years.
“The health insurance and medical treatment are very laudable,” said he adding, “Even Americans appreciate the Dutch for the way the politics and socio-economy are managed.”
Like other citizens, the resettled Bhutanese can use the hot line numbers 616 525 884 and 411 686 513 for any help they need.
“The refugees will be called back so that they don’t have to pay for call charges for more than one minute,” said Gautam.

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