Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bhutanese refugee camp sees violence yet again

Bhutanese refugee youths in Beldangi refugee camp have manhandled another camp secretary Sunday.

According to, a group of Bhutanese youths beat up camp secretary of Beldangi II extension camp, Monarath Khanal accusing him of supporting a refugee from Beldangi II camp to get permission from the local authority to attend a seminar in Thailand later this month.

Injured Khanal has been taken to nearby hospital by the Armed Security Force for treatment. Police have been deployed in the camp for security.

After the incident, local market has been shut. Refugees in the camp fear another bad incident. Some months ago, ’leftist’ refugee youths had beaten up one Hari Bangale for advocating country resettlement of refugees.

The incident occurred just before the US asked government for security to open its Out Processing Entity (OPE) office in Damak to start the resettlement process of the refugees. Nepal Government has given nod to deploy at least around 200 police. ia Aug 12 07


A Refugee said...

Very unethical acts.
Must be driven by some unwanted items in the Camp.
They should be punished.

Anonymous said...

Since the news says it is students from Beldangi II, some teachers must be responsible to bring students from school to the camp office.
By the way who is headmaster of PES ?