Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pradhan becomes new camp secy


Beldangi, August 25: Deo Raj Pradhan is appointed as new camp secretary of Beldangi-II on last Wednesday. Pradhan heads Camp Management Committee (CMC) until its next election. Pradhan served in the same post for two years before Hari Adhikari Bangaley.

Dil Bahadur Khadka has been appointed as deputy camp secretary.

The shuffle in camp management committee was done as both camp secretary and deputy secretary resigned after the recent Beldangi incident.

This is the second time that CMC was reshuffled after Bangaley incident in last May.

1 comment:

Bhola said...

This is nice steps taken by camp committee.
Afterall the camp should run, no common people should die due to some few uncommon people's acts.

I wish him good luck.