Sunday, August 12, 2007

TD processing greets tension, huts of resettlement advocator vandalized

Kathmandu, August 12: Manorath Khanal, who sustained serious injuries on head and chest, is now undergoing treatment at the BP Koirala Memorial Hospital, Dharan.

The camp secretary of Beldangi – II, Parbati Biswa is also referred to Dharan since she didn’t regained her consciousness at Damak based AMDA Hospital. The youths also beat Tara Nath Phuyel, Deputy Camp Secretary of the same camp. According to the BNS correspondent in Damak, some back ribs of Phuyel have been broken. He is now undergoing treatment at the AMDA hospital.

Parbati Biswa informed the BNS over telephone that since deputy camp secretary of Beladngi – II approved Pingala Dhital’s application, which is supposed to obtain Travel Document (TD) to overseas, youths from the same camp opposed it claiming she was ineligible to attend a seminar in Thailand.

Biswa further said that during her absence the deputy camp secretary of the same camp approved Dhital’s application without understanding that she was flying to overseas to attend an international conference on Women and Gender issue. According to our Damak correspondent, the deputy camp secretary also admitted that he approved it without undergoing into the content of the application.

Biswa also informed that Manorath Khanal, camp secretary of Beldangi – II extension accompanied her while visiting the deputy secretary for the approval.

According to Biswa, a group of students from Pancha-Oti English School, Beldangi – II asked her about the clarification of approving Dhital for obtaining the TD when she reached the school for a regular meeting on Thursday.

Biswa also said the youths, who had gathered in front of the camp committee office in Beldangi – II on Sunday, demanding for the withdrawal of the decision to allowing Dhital for obtaining the TD, physically attacked her including Khanal, Phuyel and sector head of Sector ‘I’.

BNS correspondent in Dharan said the condition of Khanal is serious and he hasn’t yet recovered the consciousness. He quoted the Doctors at the Hospital as having said that Khanal has loosed his teeth.

Khanal is central working committee member of Bhutanese Refugee Durable Solution Coordinating Committee (BRDSCC) while Dhital is chief of women desk.

Meanwhile, the youths completely vandalized the huts of Dhital and Khanal while the hut of Hom Nath Baral of Beldangi – II under Sector I/1- 74, associated with the BRDSCC, is also vandalized. Relatives of Baral informed the BNS over telephone that the youths also manhandled their aged parents when they tried defying their attempt to damage the hut.

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So this issue is all due to Pingala Dhital.