Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Congress (I) leader defends autocracy in Bhutan

Source: Apfanews.com

Kathmandu, September 03: While the central government of India has termed the issue of exiled Bhutanese in Nepal as the international problem, a leader of Indian Congress, the prime supporter of the autocratic regime of Bhutan, said the issue was bilateral.

Speaking to journalists on Monday in Nepalese capital Kathamndu, Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi, the spokesperson of the Congress (I), said the problem was of Nepal and Bhutan.

He, however, denied that Indian government shouldn’t play any role in finding solution of the problem though he did not explain what role India can play in this regard. He said the two countries should engage in finding solution of the problem and that India should not interfere into it if the two countries agree bilaterally.

He asked both the Nepalese and Bhutanese government to initiate dialogues to find early and amicable solution of the protracted crisis.

Earlier, in a letter by Indian prime minister Man Mohan Singh had assured the chief of the Bhutan Solidarity Dr Sunilam that Indian government would work in close coordination with the Nepalese authority to find solution of the problem.

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Diwakar Kafle said...

The dual statement by India is not new. India wants these refugee be assimilate in Nepal.
The Third Country Resettlement is a big threat to India. After all India is the one that's gonna suffer if the outgoing people revolt against Bhutanese Autocratic Regime.
I as an refugee for more than 17 yars have known this tactics and will never come under it.
I will never believe that India will decide some betterment for Bhutanese Refugee.
It is showing now.