Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Denial of exit permits delayed resettlement

Source: Apfanews.com

Kathmandu, September 25: The denial of the Nepalese government to issue exit permit for third country resettlement, some 107 exiled Bhutanese have not been able to fly to western country despite completing the processes.

According to Nepalese daily Nepal Samacharpatra, 60 of them are planned to be resettled in the United States, 40 in Australia and seven in Norway. They are from the vulnerable group whom these countries expressed willingness to resettle.

The finalized files have been stranded at Home and Foreign Ministries in Kathmandu. The ministries have not been able to issue the permit since the issue has to be decided by the council of ministers.

Most of these people now live in Kathmandu due to insecurity in camps.

1 comment:

Suvash said...

Nepal Government was and is a big wall in the betterment of refugee future.
They will never let refugee live their life in peace and prespority.
Infact they want to trade us.
They have been trading us for long time.
I never trust to this Government.
I would rather go to India and live as minority rather than living here in Nepal as majority.
Nepal has never been the same like our grand parents has left.
May god give the knowledge.