Sunday, September 9, 2007

Let refugees decide

Source: Kathandu Post,2007-9-10

Finally, the international organization of migration (IOM) has established its office in Damak, Jhapa to resettle the Bhutanese refugees in some third countries and side by side some unwanted and unnecessary elements are hatching conspiracy to foil this humanitarian project. It is natural to hear mixed opinions but it is shocking to learn that our own “leaders” are busy creating chaos inside the camps.

We all know that it is not a matter of pride to fly to America and at the same time it is not good and wise to stay long in the camps under sub-human conditions. The “leaders” hardly know the pain and sorrow that the refugees are facing today. And this is not the time to listen to them, rather it is time to speak clearly and find a safe way out of the hellish refugee camps.

Let us give chance to the refugees to speak what they want today, rather than forcing them to walk in our leaders' footsteps. Hope the situation improves soon in the refugee camps after the establishment of security posts, which would encourage the panic-stricken refugees to express their feelings.

We know what Thimpu is cooking these days and we will not digest what the Druk kingdom prepares. We hope we will get a new life in the third country.

Khem Regmi
Pathri Regugee Camp, Morang

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