Wednesday, December 26, 2007

39 refugees likely to fly to US by January

Source: The Himalayan Times

The International Organisation of Migration (IOM) today has taken 39 Bhutanese refugees to Kathmandu, citing security reason. The refugees of Beldangi Camp are expected to fly to the US within the first week of January.

Earlier, they have been provided special security after an unknown group shot at Arjun Subba two weeks ago in Sangam Chock and their huts were destroyed. 10 family members of Chhabilal Thapa, 11 of Arjun Subba, and 13 of DB Moktan of the camp and five of Dilliram Gautam of Morang’s Shanischare camp have been taken to Kathmandu.

In a bid to resettle Bhutanese refugees in America, the IOM said it had interviewed refugees of the camps and resettlement processing of over 3,000 refugees is going on. Some other refugees have been submitting their applications for resettlement in America.

Refugees of pro-America resettlement plan have said some 72,000 refugees of Jhapa and Morang have applied for resettlement in America. Meanwhile, Bhu-tanese CPN-Maoist has been forcing refugees to reject the resettlement offer in the US, threatening of giving physical action against those who support opt the resettlement offer.

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