Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Camp secys irked over resettlement, appeal GoN to help stop hut-to-hut campaign


At a time when violence are erupting inside exiled Bhutanese camps, camp secretaries of all seven camps have appealed to Government of Nepal (GoN) to urge the UNHCR to stop motivation by hut-to-hut campaign for third country resettlement.

In an appeal issued to the prime minister of Nepal, camp secretaries have demanded for early repatriation to Bhutan.

“Government of Bhutan must not be allowed to withdraw from its own proposals of categorization and verification process as proposed by government of Bhutan and verification must be continued in the speedy manner”, reads the appeal.

The camp secretaries, however, have extended their gratitude to the UNHCR for providing humanitarian assistance to exiled Bhutanese community.

“But since last six years onwards we found that UNHCR is only working for third country resettlement though it always keeps on telling that repatriation is the best option. Before repatriation of verified Bhutanese and rest of the refugees to Bhutan, UNHCR brought the proposal of third country resettlement for Bhutanese refugees, which is unjust and illogical”, reads the appeal, adding that the UNHCR has instigated many NGOs to support for the third country resettlement of exiled Bhutanese.

The appeal has further accused the UNHCR of splitting the nuclear family in the name of third country resettlement.

The appeal has further stated that the Beldangi incident of May 26 and 27 was a worst conflict between divided people when third country supporting small group backed by the UNHCR and a big group supporting and opting for repatriation when Mr. Hari Bangaley started advocating for third country resettlement openly.

“The UNHCR is giving protection to Bangaley, who is the main culprit of the devastating incident. So far no action is taken against him and no hearing is given for those who lost lives by the concerned authorities”, the appeal reads, adding “UNHCR has intensified its campaign for third country resettlement by hut to hut visit accompanied by armed security forces of Nepal. It certainly reminds the Bhutanese refugees about their past when they were evicted by the government of Bhutan at the gun point”.

The camp secretaries have also made their stance clear that they would not object any individuals who opt for third country resettlement without any motivation.

Meanwhile, the appeal has also demanded GoN to help deliver justice to two innocent youths of Beldangi-II, who lost their lives in the struggle for justice and order for a thorough investigation. Further, it demanded GoN to direct the local authority and the security forces to stop all kinds of harassments, tortures, arrests, and detentions of the people in camps without valid proofs.

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