Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bhutan party admits shooting of refugee

Source: The Rising Nepal

The Bhutanese Communist Party (Maoist) has taken responsibility of shooting Arjun Subba, a refugee at Beldangi I camp. The Bhutanese Maoist party chairman Surya in a statement Friday said Subba was shot as per the plan of the party.

He said the resettlement in America was a plan to obstruct the repatriation of the Bhutanese to their homeland. "This action (shooting) was carried to foil the resettlement," the statement said.

"Anyone supporting and advocating for the third country resettlement would face similar consequence, the statement read.

Subba was shot at Sangam Chowk of Damak December 13. Two others CL Thapa and DB Moktan who was with Subba had escaped the shooting. All three of them are supporters of resettlement in the United States. Subba is undergoing treatment at Lifeline hospital, Damak.

Police have arrested three persons on charge of shooting. After the incident most of the Maoist leaders and their supporters have left the camps.

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